Agatha Lintott on Curating a Sustainable Wardrobe

This week on the Clothes & The Rest podcast, I talk to Antibad’s Agatha Lintott about luxury fashion, vintage and making sustainability ‘cool’. She’s definitely helped to transform the image of sustainable clothes, so here, she talks about how to dress ethically, without losing your personal style…

“I don’t feel like I’ve lost my personal style since doing this, but I think you have to look a little bit harder. It might take a little bit longer to find the perfect piece but I quite like that challenge now. If you find a pair of trainers that you love, research and look into the ethical option. It might not be exactly the same but you could find a vintage pair, or swap with someone. You have to think a little bit outside the box and not just buy straight away. Think about it a little bit more and make it into a game or a challenge.

“I love the research now but before, I wasn’t really interested. I didn’t think about where my clothes came from but I have completely switched around. I look into things a lot more.

“Look at the labels of your clothes to see where they were made and what they are made out of is so important. Learn how to look after and wash your clothes. I shrank so many things before I became interested in sustainability. I had such a throwaway attitude back then but now, I’d be devastated if I shrunk anything in wardrobe. It would be much more of a big deal.

“I get a lot more pleasure from my wardrobe now. Now I take more care over what I buy, its so much easier to dress. Also, I wear the same thing two days in a row, and I don’t mind so much. It’s just about changing that mindset and seeing your wardrobe as much more of a long-term thing.”

Photo by Maddison Araceli.

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